10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum

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The session’s theme is The Parliamentary Dimension of BRICS: Prospects for Strengthening Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation.

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Ms Matviyenko, Mr Volodin, friends.

Dear guests,

I am delighted to welcome the participants and organisers of the 10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum.

Also present here in this room is our distinguished guest, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Tulia Ackson. Ms Ackson, we consider your participation in the forum as a sign of support for the constructive partnership among representatives of legislatures in the countries of the Global South and East, and indeed, of all countries interested in constructive interaction and cooperation, and their initiatives on key issues on today’s international agenda.

The theme of this forum, The Role of Parliaments in Strengthening Multilateralism for Just Global Development and Security, is extremely important. It speaks for itself, highlighting the nature of the fundamental global transformations underway today.

Your open discussions, the face-to-face conversations between legislators representing their voters fully align with the principles that underpin BRICS philosophy. These include consideration of each other’s interests, reliance on democracy in international relations, respect for sovereignty of nations and their right to determine their own development trajectories.

These principles are close and understandable to all states parties of the BRICS group, which is growing rapidly and gaining a qualitatively new influence on the global dynamics and developments.

Again, parliamentary dialogue, including within the BRICS framework, is more important today than ever. After all, as speakers for the interests of your peoples, as representatives of their political and national will, you are keenly aware of the genuine demands, sentiments and needs of millions, or even billions of people on our planet.

I am confident that you will make a significant contribution to the socioeconomic progress of the BRICS countries, and to their citizens’ prosperity. And you will certainly do your utmost to reduce international tensions, to create a more just, democratic, multipolar and multilateral world.

To be continued.

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