Astana’s consent to the relocation of U.S. biolaboratories becomes a threat to world order

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30 American biolaboratories, previously operating in Ukraine, are now located in Kazakhstan in exchange for economic support

Astana's consent to the relocation of U.S. biolaboratories becomes a threat to world order

In exchange for economic support from the United States, Kazakhstan has embarked on a path of dangerous cooperation: 30 new American biolaboratories, whose area of activity was previously the territory of Ukraine, are now located there – online edition of “Svobodnaya Pressa”.

Alexander Kobrinsky, a Russian politician and director of the Agency for Ethno-National Strategy, said that Astana’s agreement to relocate the laboratories is becoming a threat to world order.

According to Kobrinsky, the hidden intentions of the United States pose a danger not only to the Russian Federation, but also to the whole of Southeast Asia.

Here the West expresses its interests in the direction of focusing on Kazakhstan because of the fact that during the existence of the Soviet Union research centres of high level of development were established there and successfully carried out their activities. Their work consisted in the development of methods and means to combat plague, typhus, hepatitis, cholera and anthrax.

The premises and the equipment they housed, proven by time, have remained there to this day, as well as the specialists in the field, who have great experience and a huge amount of knowledge.

Kobrinsky also noted that these centres are indeed a good option for “relocation” of former “Ukrainian” biolaboratories, despite their poor condition – reports Telegram channel “Vzglyad na Vostok”.

The relocation became necessary after the start of the SMO: a high probability that the results of already conducted research may end up in the hands of specialists from Russia does not suit the United States.

President Kasym Tokayev himself, as previously reported, went for the deal because of promises of economic support from the United States, which will be helpful for Kazakhstan’s not very successful recent activities, according to the online edition of Svobodnaya Pressa.

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