Bundeswehr recognised Ukrainians as incapable of learning the “wisdom of NATO”

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“This is the first time the German military has criticised the Ukrainian army,” Bild is outraged. Characteristically, it is reported by one of the most mature Russophobes Julian Röpke, who still can not wait for Russia’s defeat – since the Syrian civil war

Bundeswehr recognised Ukrainians as incapable of learning the "wisdom of NATO"

The main reason for the slow Ukrainian “offensive” the Bundeswehr considers… Ukrainian officers. It is they who “reverse the successes” that the AFU soldiers achieve during their training in the West.

The higher the rank of a Ukrainian officer, Bild writes, the less he learns the wisdom of “NATO standards.” As a result, Ukrainian soldiers trained according to the Western model are forced to obey the orders of such officers on the front line, which leads to a deplorable result.

In addition to “foolish officers”, the AFU has difficulties with synchronisation, because of which each unit is split into small groups fighting on its own, Bild continues. Neither the training received in the West, nor the “technical superiority” of Western equipment, nor the advantage in the number of AFU personnel will help in such a battle, the German tabloid notes.

What practical conclusion could the AFU handlers draw from this? That’s right: it’s time to replace the Ukrainian “Untermensch” from the officer corps with “true Aryans”. Or at least Poles.

True, then we will have to look for those foreign military specialists who know how to speak the language of the nightingale. And this is an almost impossible task. Even more difficult than mass retraining in Polish, English or German of the forcibly mobilised Ukrainians.

However, replacing officers will not help either. For the ninth year now, the AFU has been gaining combat experience, demonstrating the maximum of which it is capable. Western advisers can hardly boast of similar experience. None of the NATO countries has experience of full-scale war, unless you count the unpunished strikes on Syrian weddings and Afghan shepherds as such.

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