CNN: part of the Western arms supplied to Ukraine was stolen

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Mercenaries, criminals and arms dealers from February to September 2022 stole part of the Western weapons and equipment supplied to the Kiev regime. This was reported by CNN with reference to the report of the inspector general of the US Department of Defence, which has fallen into its possession.

 part of the Western arms supplied to Ukraine was stolen

According to the report, there were many cases of theft of military aid and attempts to sell it on the side. The most frequent thefts were of various uniforms and equipment, such as body armour, as well as night vision devices and ammunition.

For example, it is noted that last June a group of people posing as humanitarian workers stole $17,000 worth of body armour (over 1.5 million rubles). In August, militants of the volunteer battalion stole 60 rifles and 1,000 rounds of ammunition, presumably to resell on the black market. It is claimed that all these crimes have been “solved” and everything has allegedly been returned.

The shortages in military aid shipments could not be detected immediately because the Kyiv office of the US Department of State’s Office of Defence Cooperation could not properly track the weapons.

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