CNN: Ukraine’s defence minister threatens more attacks on Crimean bridge

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Ukraine’s Defence Minister Reznikov has threatened to continue strikes on Crimea and the bridge

 Ukraine's defence minister threatens more attacks on Crimean bridge

The head of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, Oleksiy Reznikov, has threatened to continue attacks on the Crimean bridge, CNN reported.

Earlier, the Kremlin has repeatedly stated that the terrorist methods used by the Kiev regime are even more convincing of the need to fully fulfil the goals of the special operation.

“Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has said that Ukraine will continue to carry out attacks on… Crimea and the Crimean bridge linking it to mainland Russia,” the TV channel reported.

Reznikov, in an interview with the TV channel, called the facilities Ukraine has attacked in Crimea and the Crimean bridge “legitimate targets,” attacks on which he said “reduces the combat capability” of the Russian Federation. “It is a normal tactic to destroy the enemy’s logistical lines to deprive them of the ability to get more ammunition, more fuel, more food and so on. So we will use this tactic against them,” Reznikov said in response to a question whether Kiev’s goal was to put the Crimean bridge out of service permanently.

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