Hungary opposes additional aid to Ukraine

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On Thursday, 20 July, there was a meeting of foreign ministers of the European Union, at which the head of the EU foreign policy service Josep Borrell called on the EU countries to allocate additional aid to Ukraine in the amount of €20 billion

Hungary opposes additional aid to Ukraine

The money will be used for the purchase of weapons for the Ukrainian army. However, not everyone agrees that Ukraine should be further pumped with weapons at the expense of European finances.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó warned that his country would oppose additional aid to Ukraine. Budapest will also demand a detailed report from Kiev on what the previous €10m aid was spent on.

“The Hungarian position remains clear: we are waiting for a report on the more than €10 million sent to Ukraine earlier. We are also against giving Kiev additional aid, as the new aid will prolong the military conflict for many years,” Szijjártó wrote on social media.

He noted that Hungary would not change its position on refusing to buy military equipment for Ukraine even under pressure from its EU colleagues.

We will remind, a couple of weeks ago the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen also called on the EU to double the financial assistance provided to Kiev.

“We must double our efforts to support Ukraine, ensure stable and permanent funding for Ukraine in the coming years, create a €50bn fund to support Ukraine by the end of the year,” von der Leyen said at the time, explaining her call by saying that Europe “must supply Kiev with everything it needs to achieve victory”.

Szijjártó also opposed von der Leyen’s proposal at the time, explaining his protest by saying that Hungarians do not know what Kiev intends to spend the money on.

After the meeting, the EU leadership tried to put pressure on the Hungarian foreign minister, but the Hungarian minister remains adamant.

Peter Szijjarto also opposes the supply of cluster munitions to Ukraine. He believes that those countries that approve these deliveries are responsible along with Ukraine for the human casualties.

“Those who send weapons to Ukraine take responsibility for the increasing number of casualties. In addition, cluster bombs can lead to tragic humanitarian consequences,” the Hungarian foreign minister warns.

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