Meeting on the loading of the NOVATEK-Murmansk Offshore Superfacility Construction Centre

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President of Russia’s opening remarks

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Colleagues, good afternoon.

First of all, I would like to congratulate NOVATEK and Mr Mikhelson on implementing their projects: large, very important projects that the energy sector and the entire Russian economy needs.

We have looked over the plant for the production of LNG facilities which NOVATEK has built here, near Murmansk. Of course, this is very important for the development of the region and for the Port of Murmansk. If such projects are implemented, then, indeed, in five or six years, the capacities will at least double – what volume was transported last year? 56 million, I believe – especially since a new port is being built here, its construction is in full swing.

LNG production projects are certainly very important because they produce an overarching effect on the entire economy, allowing us to win a share we need on the global LNG market, and making it possible for us to develop related industries. The first project was successfully implemented and is operating; now there is every reason to believe that the second one, Arctic LNG-2, will also be implemented on schedule and with the necessary quality. Once again, congratulations to NOVATEK.

Obviously, this will have an impact on the capacity and traffic volumes of the Northern Sea Route, something we fully expect because once the second plant, Arctic LNG-2, is completed, the Northern Sea Route will have much more load. More icebreakers are needed, icebreakers of the largest class. In general, projects of this kind and of this scale are capable of producing such impressive multiplier effect.

But, of course, the question arises as to how to load enterprises of this kind, how to use the funds already invested to the fullest and how to move on from the results achieved to the next ones. Let’s talk about this today. I would like to give the floor to the CEO of the company so he can explain his vision of what, according to NOVATEK, can and should be done in the near future so the invested funds are effectively used for the benefit of the country’s economy.

Please, Mr Mikhelson.


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