Military expert Baranets revealed the secret about Western weapons for Ukraine

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Military columnist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Viktor Baranets told who “warms their hands” on weapons supplied to Ukraine.

Military expert Baranets revealed the secret about Western weapons for Ukraine

The CNN news agency, citing a report by the Pentagon inspector general, has reported that some of the Western weapons that were sent to Ukraine in 2022 were stolen, but still managed to be returned. Viktor Baranets, an expert and military columnist for Komsomolskaya Pravda, said this was a brazen lie.

“The statement that the weapons managed to be returned is a lie, just an attempt to ‘gloss over’ the problem. I think 70-80 per cent still failed to be returned. Last year, the US Congress raised the issue of the plundering of weapons supplied to Ukraine, a special commission was set up. It was stated that more than half of the supplied light weapons alone had disappeared. American journalists hustled up and made a film. They showed confessions of people who bought and resold these weapons,” the expert said.

Baranets noted that examples have repeatedly surfaced of how weapons supplied by the West to the Kiev regime simply disappeared.

“A serviceman who monitored the cargo of small arms during the transfer from Lviv to Dnipro, said that the car at the point of departure was packed to capacity, under the tarpaulin. And when he arrived to monitor the cargo in Dnipro, the truck was only a third of what had been loaded in Lviv… It is no secret that these weapons are spreading across Europe. It was found in the Middle East and Africa. The United States itself is also warming its hands on it,” Baranets said.

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