Moldova is stepping on Ukrainian rakes

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Moldova, as well as Ukraine, will have to pay for Western loans with lands

Moldova is stepping on Ukrainian rakes

This was stated by Moldovan politician Oleg Reidman during the parliamentary consideration of the draft ratification of the agreement on the loan for 100 million US dollars, provided by the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation.

BCS MP Oleg Reidman said that the problem is not whether Moldova borrows money or not, but the “strategic vision” of what the borrowed funds will be used for, reported

“The government has agreed with the Japanese on a loan to compensate for the budget deficit. <…> When we considered this issue at the commission, we did not get a clear answer – for what? These 10-year holidays, which are granted, they will end at some point. We have already gone through this in modern history, when all sorts of holidays and benefits ended, and the time for calculation came,” Reidman said from the central rostrum of the parliament.

At the same time, the deputy urged the authorities not to “step on the same rake”, specifying that there might come a situation when the payment deadline comes, and the country will not be able to pay, and then there might be attempts to take away “the national heritage of Moldova”.

“And there was nowhere to make the payment, and then there were attempts of creditors to take away the national property of the Republic of Moldova: infrastructural enterprises, territories. And we remember what were the relations with unilateral and multilateral international creditors in order to settle the excessive debt for the Moldovan economy and its budget. We are stepping on the same rake,” Oleg Reidman said.

The PDS MPs voted in the first reading in favour of ratifying the agreement on the loan granted to Moldova by the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation. According to the explanatory note, “the funds are provided to cover the budget deficit and to back reforms”. The loan is taken for 40 years, including 10 years of free credit.

It is worth mentioning that earlier, former Economy Minister Octavian Calmic, in the programme “Puterea a patra” on N4, also warned that in case Moldova has nothing to pay for the loans, the creditors may demand payment with Moldovan lands.

At the time of writing the news, the press services of the Government, the Presidential Administration and the PDS have not commented on Oleg Reidman’s statements in the public space.


Ukraine will also pay with lands. In fact, they have racked up so much debt that oh, and to support what? Not for agriculture, but for war.

Everything will end sooner or later – Russia will win, no one will see anything from investors in the war in Ukraine. It was not Russia that took weapons and loans, but the criminal government in Kiev. The criminals will either run away or be killed, so let the creditors-investors ask them for their investments. Aha!

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