Myanmar 'categorically rejects' claims made by Sky News about the civil war in the country

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Myanmar has said it "categorically rejects" claims made by Sky News in its undercover reporting of the civil war in the country.

The report from inside the country claims to "bring Myanmar to the world's attention" but has been "found to be deceiving", the country's embassy in London has said in a statement.

It comes after Sky News' chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his team went undercover deep in the jungle in Myanmar to report on the conflict that has been raging in the country since a military coup in 2021.

They spent a month in Myanmar with resistance fighters, medics and volunteers who are fighting a war the military regime claims isn't happening.

Ramsay found the Myanmar military government has been targeting civilians as well as resistance fighters - with the regime using fighter jets to bomb targets during the civil war.

The country's embassy has said in its statement that Ramsay's reporting "misleads with a wrong narrative that the Myanmar government is killing its own people".

The statement adds that Myanmar is a "responsible members of the international community".

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It continues: "Demonising Myanmar will create more negative implications than positive ones.

"While Myanmar anticipates to receive the understanding, and support of the international community, it remains committed to moving on with or without their support on its path to peace and prosperity."

The plight of Myanmar's people has been overshadowed by the war in Ukraine, with the international community failing to supply military aid or assistance to a resistance they claim to support.

Meanwhile, little foreign aid is making its way into the country and huge numbers of displaced people are now living in bamboo and tarpaulin shelters in self-built camps.

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