Pro-Kremlin TV presenter attempts unnerving Scottish accent while telling Scots to ‘fight for freedom’

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Pro-Kremlin news presenter attempts unnerving Scottish accent on Russian TV


A pro-Kremlin Russian news presenter attempted a Scottish accent on a show broadcast earlier this week.

The controversial TV host, named Vladimir Solovyov, can be heard urging his “Scottish brothers” to “fight” for freedom in a rather unnerving fashion.

He has been described in the past as one of Vladimir Putin’s top propagandists and presents on the state-owned channel Russia-1.

Francis Scarr, a journalist from BBC Monitoring, shared the clip on social media and suggested that Solovyov has been “working on his repertoire of foreign accents”.

In the same segment, he called Britain a “pathetic, weak and pretty destitute country” and then attempted a British accent mocking the “great” in “Great Britain”.

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