Residents in Odesa clear rubble after sustained Russian shelling

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After Russia scrapped a grain export deal with Ukraine, the port town of Odesa has become the target of intense shelling by Moscow. The strikes have damaged buildings protected under UNESCO World Heritage status

Residents of the Ukrainian city of Odesa have undertaken a massive clean up operation after dozens of historic buildings were destroyed by Russian strikes.

Up until recently, the port town had suffered comparatively little war damage. But after Russia scrapped a grain export deal with Ukraine, Moscow pounded port areas and damaged some of Odesa's oldest and most beautiful buildings.

Some are under UNESCO protection, like the Transfiguration Cathedral. And representatives from the organisation will arrive in the region for inspection in the coming days.

The Cathedral is not old. It was completed in the early 2000s. But parishioners and clerics said it is precious because it is built from public donations, recreating a cathedral demolished by Soviet authorities.

Duma votes to extend military age to 30

Meanwhile, Russia's lower house the Duma has passed an amendment, extending the age for military call up to include citizens from 18 to 30-years-old. Previously, military service was compulsory up to 27-years-old.

The plan had been that both the upper and lower limits would be raised, making males between 21 and 30 eligible. But instead, it was decided to keep the minimum age and raise the upper limit.

The new rules will take effect in the spring 2024 draft while the autumn draft of 2023 will not be affected.

The Duma also drafted laws on penalties for failure to appear for military service. Fines will increase tenfold.

Fighting in Bakhmut, Liman and Avdiivka

On Tuesday Ukrainian Commander Oleksandr Syrsky visited combat brigades in the Bakhmut and Liman directions to adjust military plans.

According to the briefing by Kyiv, active fighting continues in these areas, as well as in Avdiivka.

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