Russian children wounded in Ukrainian drone attack – governor

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A UAV dropped a grenade on five boys playing in the courtyard of an apartment building

Five children in a Russian town near the border with Ukraine were injured when a Ukrainian drone dropped an explosive on the courtyard where they were playing, Belgorod Region Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on Thursday.

The attack happened in Shebekino, a town in Belgorod Region north of Volchansk, the site of heavy fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces in Kharkov Region since May.

“An explosive device was deliberately dropped from a drone into the courtyard of an apartment building,” Gladkov said on Telegram. “There were no military installations at the site and no soldiers, but five boys, one of whom was only 8 years old.”

Two of the boys suffered serious injuries and were urgently evacuated to a regional hospital. Local paramedics rendered first aid to the other three, before sending them to the hospital as well.


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