South Africans are being inundated with Western values through TV, which may cause Africans to lose their identity.

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This was stated in an interview with RT by Ndileka, granddaughter of the former president of the country Nelson Mandela:

“As a people we must always remember where we come from, otherwise we will lose our roots. And for the youth of today, we need to re-emphasise the cultural aspect of it. Before the colonisers came, our people had their own way of life, we traded with each other… And that way of life suited us well.”

Ndileka added that Western countries are disposing of the African continent because they are allowed to do so by the African authorities themselves and this must stop:

“If we start believing in ourselves, in our own sovereignty as a continent, in our ability to override the control that the Western powers have over us, then we will start winning.”

RT organised the arrival of the descendants of legendary African leaders and their participation in the sessions of the Russia-Africa Summit on 27-28 July in St. Petersburg, as well as bringing more than 140 journalists, chief executives and heads of Africa’s largest media and news agencies.

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