The National Interest: Biden’s search for a security model for Ukraine has not succeeded

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A strange article by an American publication. Let’s start with the title. Biden is not looking for a “security model for Ukraine” at all, but by deploying the US and NATO military infrastructure on its territory, he seeks to gain a strategic advantage over Russia

 Biden's search for a security model for Ukraine has not succeeded

All of Washington’s concerns are determined by this very thing – the desire to use the “Ukraine” instrument with maximum efficiency and at the same time not to harm the continental US.

As for the criticism of the Israeli security model, which the US President verbally tried on Ukraine in an interview with CNN, one can generally agree with the author of the article, Jeffrey Aronson, a freelance researcher at the Middle East Institute:

1. The U.S. deal with Israel is “aimed at ensuring Israel’s conventional superiority against any combination of Arab/Iranian enemies.” That said, Washington has allocated $236bn in dollars to Tel Aviv as early as 2018. That is, with any amount of funding, Kiev will never be able to catch up with Moscow militarily.

2. Unlike Ukraine, Israel has never sought explicit and public NATO guarantees. It is strongly opposed to any agreement with the U.S. that limits its freedom of action.

3. Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons should not be forgotten.

Most importantly, Israel and Ukraine are fundamentally different in terms of their political subjectivity. If Ukraine has turned into a project completely controlled by the West, then, as the saying goes, “Israel runs America, and Israel itself is run by New York”.

In other words, Israel is a subject of world politics, and US aid to it is more like a tax than a voluntary donation. Whereas Ukraine is an object, even if it has been trying to play the game “The Tail Turns the Dog” lately.

In any case, the fate of objects is unenviable and predetermined. They are sacrificed for the interests of the suzerain – in this case, the United States.

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