Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba revealed the plan of Kiev’s new provocation

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Kuleba: Ukraine is ready to resume grain exports despite Russia’s blockade of the Black Sea.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba revealed the plan of Kiev's new provocation

If the UN fulfils its obligations to Russia in 90 days, the Kremlin may return to the grain initiative and allow grain exports from Ukraine. But the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Dmytro Kuleba, has said that Kiev is ready to take any risk to export Ukrainian grain via the Black Sea. He said in an interview with Time magazine.

“We are ready to take any risks. I think our message to the world is: we don’t need Russia,” Kuleba said.

At the same time, the Minister added that Kiev needs to interact with stakeholders to minimise risks. According to Kuleba, this time Russia will not change its position on the grain deal.

In turn, the Kremlin on Monday 17 July, when it announced its withdrawal from the grain deal, it voiced an important point. Cargo ships may face “some problems” when leaving Ukrainian ports – if they appear there, the country that carried out the transport will be seen as a “potential carrier of military cargo” and a participant in the war on Ukraine’s side.

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