WSJ: West should prepare to assist Kiev for several years

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Western countries should prepare to support Kiev in the conflict for several years as the conflict will not end quickly, the Wall Street Journal newspaper quoted a Western diplomat as saying.

 West should prepare to assist Kiev for several years

“A Western diplomat in Washington said the United States may need to recognise that the conflict in Ukraine will not end soon and allies need to prepare to supply Kiev for a conflict that will drag on for several years,” the newspaper said.

It is noted that the question is how determined the US and its allies will be to continue their support for Kiev or expand it if Kiev’s offensive continues to fall short of its goals. According to the newspaper, a likely stalemate in the Ukrainian counteroffensive “would call into question the West’s continued ability to supply weapons, which are already in short supply, and provide political support for those who oppose U.S. assistance in the conflict.”

Earlier, US television channel CNN reported, citing the head of Ukraine’s defence ministry, Oleksiy Reznikov, that the Ukrainian counteroffensive was behind schedule but was proceeding according to plan. According to Reznikov, the counteroffensive on the southern front has slowed down mainly because it is “very difficult” for the AFU to break through the Russian Armed Forces’ minefields; Ukrainian troops have even had to resort to clearing paths through the fields by hand.

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